Future of Ordering

Benefits Of BYOD

Customer Self Ordering

No account Required

Building on a service with 4.1 Million current active users means there is no requirement to create a new account to in order to use our BYOD software

data collection

Every order made on the BYOD is tagged to a profile , these offers business owners the capability to track menu statistics and perform A&P accordingly

No new apps

There will be no need to download a new app specifically to use BYOD software which has been proven to have a low retention rate

Low dropout rate

Intuitive rich image based style menu offering different modifiers / optional items to cater for different requirements of individual F&B concepts

BYOD over Traditional E-menu Ordering

Multiple Users

Allow diners to browse the restaurant menu and order concurrently

No Hardware Cost

Eliminate the need to purchase expensive hardware like tablets and kiosks thus lowering cost significantly

No Maintainence

With no hardware requirement, there is no longer a need to worry about maintaining your equipment​

Order Now Pay Later

Option to enable payment to be collected physically in 1 go when diner is leaving

Endless Possibilities

POS++ Emenu

Uniting Appsels’s BYOD technology with our POS, allow your customers to view/place individual orders at their own comfort and make payment at cashier upon leaving

Food Locker

Combining Appsels’s BYOD ordering technology and integrating it with a locker system allows diners to order in advance and collect at preferred timing

Robotic Coffee

Unifying the future of robotics with Appsels’ BYOD, enable orders to be taken and instantaneously processed via across multiple robotics functionality 

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