Ordering Reinvented

Simplified, Cheaper and way more Effective

Welcome to the post-app era


How Appsels can transform your business.

ChatBot - Designed to grow with you

  • Ordering

    Let your customers order hassle-free : no registration, no app to download and a very intuitive, conversational based process to place orders.

  • Loyalty

    Help your customers help you. With our Digitised loyalty system in our ChatBot, your customers carry it at all times, encouraging them to keep coming back for more.

  • The Power of Social Media

    Ride on the biggest and fastest growing Social Media platform, Facebook. Everyone has it and you get to engage with a massive and growing audience.

Ordering Reinvented

  • Create extra revenue

    Get more orders from the busy people with Appsels ChatBot. With prepaid orders available from the Chatbot, whether on the Go or dine-in, it helps those with a busy schedule waste less time and help you be more productive.

  • Simplify the ordering process for the Customer

    With a more conversational approach, the ChatBot simplifies the ordering process for the customer.

  • No registration process required, No app to download

    No extra step required for the customer to input their information as the necessary information is automatically there with FB messenger. The ChatBot is as easy as just adding a contact on your FB messenger. No app to download whatsover. It's that easy.

Loyalty 2.0

  • Digitalize your loyality program with Appsels Chatbot

    With Appsels Digital Loyalty card on your ChatBot, you get to have your customers carry your brand at all times in their pockets, on their phones. This tackles one of the main hurdles of maintaining a successful loyalty program till date.

  • Understand your clients

    Capture powerful insights about your clients and their habits. Get to understand what constitutes your clientele base and grow it.

An accurate message that speaks to your customers

  • Relevant promotions

    Combined with our Loyalty program, get the relevant promotion to the correct customer.

  • Promotions

    Put across your promotions either directly on the ChatBot's menu or reach out to your customers with the FB Messenger push notifications.

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