With Appsels POS solutions you are always on top of the game


Follow your passion & grow your business with Appsels iPad POS

Always On Mode

Appsels POS keeps on running even in the case of power or internet outage so you never loose track of any order

Unlimited Licenses

No more paying license fees per device, with Appsels POS Solution you get unlimited licenses within the same outlet

Table Side Ordering

Take orders directly on customer tables, resulting in higher table turns and increases sales

Dynamic Pricing

No more hustling or price adjustments for happy hour etc, our menu automatically updates based on day and time

Inventory Control

Define your recipes and keep track of each ingredient so you never run out of stock

Unlimited Modifiers

Provide multiple options to your guests with unlimited modifiers to cater to different tasks

All the Metrics in One place

Get a quick overview of the sales metrics you really care about without having to look at complex reports

Advanced Analytics

Dig deeper & compare past performance, do a trend analysis, predict the future... The possibilities are endless

Increase Profit Margin

Discover what items sell the most and which ones have the highest margin and engineer your menu to improve your profits

One Click Loyalty

Put a face to every order by creating and linking customer profiles to each orders


Understand your customer's preferences and purchase patterns and delight them with targeted promotions

Stored Value Card

Faster checkouts and higher repeat customer revenue with stored value cards

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